Play Me, I’m Yours

When we were in Austin in April shooting our July Catalog, we were fortunate to be there during the month when an exhibit by artist Luke Jerram was installed throughout the city. The live art installation is called “Play Me, I’m Yours,” and consists of several pianos that are placed throughout a given city, in public locations, for people to draw on, paint on, and most importantly, play music on.

This idea is so brilliant… not only do the brightly colored, somewhat oddly placed pianos attract a lot of attention, they invite you to be a part of the exhibit by playing music – and there is a website where you can upload photos and videos you take with the piano.

The exhibit started in 2008 and has been spreading joy and music all over the world ever since. Here are some photos from Austin (each city has its own website with a map displaying the location of each piano):

Recognize this red one from our July Catalog? It’s in a BMX park!

I love this photo of our creative director taken by Alexandra Valenti:

For more info on the installation check out the website.


  1. Such a cool concept! I love the picture of the dog at the piano. It’s so great! ;) Also, the creative director is just lovely, and the picture of her infront of the piano is so vintage and timeless looking! xoxo

  2. /Users/carlynlevy/Desktop/27790_10150172517740150_646660149_12372020_698964_n.jpg

    Your post instantly reminded me of an old piano that sits outside someone’s house in Vermont. My friends and I love incorporating it into photos. This one is of me.

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