r.o.c.k. in the u.s.a.

remember liz, our brooklyn fp girl who makes rad vests? well she’s at it again…my jaw dropped when i opened my email this morning and saw her latest project!  not only are her patriotic vests to die for, but these photos are so inspiring. thank you liz!





you can check out her etsy shop here.

did you all have a nice fourth of july? what was the highlight of your weekend?

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12 years ago

this series totally makes me want to move to New York!! Loving the architecture and the amazing pieces she creates.. the 4th in LA is fun, we could see fireworks all over Los Angeles along the city-line from our apartment! xx

12 years ago

that vest is really cute! i love nyc ive been there alot and there are so many amazing fashion insperations there! i wish i cudve had that vesst to wear on the fourth of july!

12 years ago

I want one…
Does she have an Etsy?

12 years ago

Gorgeous and inspiring! Love the way the vest looks with the FP shirt! All these posts lately about NY are making me want to leave for my trip soooo bad! FP, you’re killing me, in a good way! ;) As for my 4th of July, not too interesting– driving in the car, back home from Oregon, for 6ish hours :/

12 years ago

I LOVE all the vintage looks that FP puts out! It reminds me so much of the glory days of the 60’s-80’s! I just want to sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the top of my lungs and ride in a convertible volkswagon bug.

12 years ago

omg so cool, i want one of those! would have been perfect! i saw the infamous firework show on the hudson river and it was beautiful! :)


12 years ago

I love it! They screammmmmmmmmmmmmm America and awesome. Perfect for the 4th.


12 years ago

such a beautiful post. thank you for sharing

12 years ago

That vest is so rockin!