Savage Beauty

“Beauty can come from the strangest of places even the most disgusting of places,It’s the ugly things I notice more, because other people tend to ignore the ugly things”- Alexander McQueen

While I was studying fashion design at university, I was introduced to the wonderful and magnificent world that was created by Alexander McQueen. I became fascinated in his approach to Fashion… I found him an incredibly interesting person. He did not just create fashion for women to wear, he created stories, visually stimulating performances as captivating as a movie you want to watch over and over again.

His background in tailoring made him a perfectionist. Every little detail was done so well that I was often left breathless.

One of the first shows I was introduced to was “Deliverance” Spring/Summer 2004, and I think it has remained one the most beautiful fashion shows I have ever seen.

Deliverance was inspired by the 1970’s Sydney Pollack film ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’. When the famous dance marathon theme came alive and models and professional dancers sashayed intensely around each other, the runway became a theoretical performance. I loved the disturbance of this show, and the contradiction it created. Beautiful craftsmanship against the backdrop of America during the great depression was unsettling – a battle between the beautiful and the damned. At the end of the show, the professional dancer wears the exact same dress as model Karen Elson, who opened the show, but the sequins are tarnished and the embroidery unpicked and distressed. This show got me good, and I was then hooked to everything he did.

As you can imagine when his life ended, it broke my heart. Such a maverick was lost. However, a couple of days ago, I managed to experience some of his magic at the Met in New York. The “Savage Beauty” exhibit was such a beautiful and eerie experience that took my breath away.

Have any of you guys been?

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9 years ago

I love his work! All of his collections were so diverse, and different from what other designers were doing at the time. Anytime you need inspiration, take a look at one of his collections!

9 years ago

I just went to this last weekend! It was so beautiful and haunting!

9 years ago

I just have to say that I love your clothing!! So unique and bohemian feeling:)

I just now found out that you have a blog too!!! Yippee!!

ps…I’m having a little give-away on my blog! Stop on by if you have a chance:)

I went last week! It was absolutely breathtaking and incredible. Seeing all of McQueen’s art made it that much more painful to think that such a creative genius is gone from the world.

9 years ago

I just love the bohemian chic look,

9 years ago

It was mind blowing. My boyfriend and I went for my birthday Tuesday. Just beautiful and brilliantly orchestrated. If anyone has the chance to go, you won’t be disappointed.
Also, in Chelsea, Savion Glover is performing and there are $10 tickets. We went after the Met for the cheap seats and ended up getting upgraded to amazing seats for free!! Another mind blowing experience.

9 years ago

this was beautifully written.

Pear Picker
9 years ago

It was awe inspiring. I went twice.

9 years ago

I went. It took my breath away, and after walking out I almost felt the need to take a moment of silence. It was set up beautifully, and all the quotes laced throughout, perfect. I had never felt so touched than I did in that exhibit. What a genius and what a sad, sad story yet such beautiful creations came from him.

9 years ago

I went as well…. truly incredible. I would say the best exhibit I’ve ever been too, and I’d be confident to say that even a “non-fashion” person might agree. I spent the entire time sort of half-gasping for air and blinking furiously because I wanted to take every last detail in. How amazing was the hologram? I think I’ll have to go back before the exhibit closes.