song download from the happen-ins!

Things to consider before, during and after listening to this record.

Prior to playback of this audio recording it is of paramount importance to clear ones mind of all non-essential thoughts save those pertaining to current lovers, former lovers, or prospective lovers. Believe that if she never called you back then she never will.  Understand that that’s just the way it always was in the fight to get some love before you die.

While preparing your listening experience, it don’t matter where you put your hands, where you sit, or where you stand, this machine kills pessimists. We bring that john the conqueroo, the rest ain’t really up to you. Calling all hens to the coop.

If your body hasn’t already begun to move you’re closer now than ever before. Expect palpitations, perspirations and motivations to stomp the floor.

– taken from the happen-ins album

i think they said it best! so clear your mind and listen to the happen-ins track “be yer fool,” which is also featured in our july catalog video. we hope you love it as much as we do!

(you can click on the graphic at the top of this post, or right click the link below and save to your computer).



and check this out! if you get our catalog in the mail, turn it over and you’ll see a nifty little code in the bottom right-hand corner:


if you have a smart-phone, you can scan the code and it will take you to a special page on our website with some of our favorite catalog items and the song download! i am new to the smart phone game but i think it’s pretty neat- all you need to do is download an app for QR code scanning (several of us have one called i-nigma – it’s free!).

wanna try it out right now? scan this code:


let us know what you think of this new technology!

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12 years ago

Oh my goodness i want everything!especially the “all the best embroidered dress” !!!! Love you guys!!!!

12 years ago

I absolutely L~O~V~E the two girls’ outfits in the first picture! So Stevie Nicks and bohemian! xoxo