Store Style: Lace and Kimonos

There are a couple of items on our website right now that we’re all going crazy for! Check out some of our lovely store girls rocking the scalloped hem lace shorts and the printed kimono (which i actually have and love very much)!

i love how the lace shorts look with the polka dot shirt!




the printed kimono looks good with everything…


…especially with the scalloped lace shorts! love this look :)


  1. I love the boho feel to the picture 3 down in the middle, and also the picture on the right below that. Love every piece in the last picture too! xoxo

  2. omg i love the last outfit…it’s so adorable. i want to own every single piece! she looks sooooo good in it!

  3. Where did that polka dot blouse come from? It is not the new mink pink one because the dot’s are too small and too many. I love her shirt and would love to know where I can pick one up to wear with my ivory scalloped hem lace shorts!!!

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