Style File: Edition 2

Meet this week’s style inspiration – the design assistant for New Romantics here at Free People. I was immediately attracted by her laid back and beautiful – yet approachable – look. I checked in on her daily to get to know her better and bring you her week in style file.


In her romantic, somewhat demure, way of dressing she reflects her personality perfectly. She seems quiet and shy at first, but is then sweet beyond words as soon as you approach her. This is a girl who doesn’t wear outfits that shout “look at me,” but rather, “come closer.” Pay attention and you’ll notice a dainty necklace or a gorgeous etched bracelet.

Picnik collage

As assistant designer for the Free People New Romantics, she will be given a fabric chosen by her boss, the head designer for New Romantics, and then has to come up with styles using what she is given. The process usually starts with a sketch. Her sketches themselves are amazingly inspirational to look at. She will then drape the piece – usually doing about one a day. After she’s done draping, she will pass everything along to tech who takes it from there. This week she was already working on things for next summer.

Picnik collage

And now for a peek into her personal life =)



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Love this post!
I’m going to the Keith Urban concert tonight here in Philly! So stoked! I’m wearing my new FP one medallion pleated tunic and FP earrings! Is anyone else going? :)

It was so nice to read about Jill, and I’m so proud of her for finding a job that makes her happy with a company so in tune with her own personal style. You’ve come a long way from our undergrad- great job! I look forward to seeing some winning designs coming from your end.


Peek* not “peak”


*pEEk* not “peak”


Love her “Candy” style so much! She is an amazing artist as well! Yet another great person you have at the home office! xoxo


this girl and i are exactly the same!


I have a question for your design assistant. I would like to know who does she think about when she’s designing her sketches like does she create someone or does she have someone in mind???? Does she have to think about the hair, the shoes, the shape of that person/image for a sketch???? Sometimes, some of the clothes, although they are interesting to look at in pictures, don’t seem so realistic to wear and I just wandered what it is it that makes her think about what someone would wear. (I hope this makes sense). Thanks.


I also want to know why do they like to turn girls into guys in their early years???


I do like tomboy style because the clothes seem to be the most comfortable and somtimes, well, most times depending on where you are you have to fit in with the guys so that’s how you see yourself and that’s the way you dress and pick your clothes 9/10, well, for myself anyways. But, when I’m at home I, of course, live by Frida, Candy, Ginger, Japonise, Bambi…..and FP. Thanks..!!!


so proud of this girl – talented, beautiful and humble about it all. love ya jill xo


I wander if she has ever felt like a lost romantic…you know someone who believes in romance so much that she can never seem to find it.


I think girls who are interested in the boyish styles are less likely to feel lost once they reach their teens and adulthood as far as clothes go because there will always be guy clothes(rough, tough, easy, relaxed,etc..) so you don’t have to go looking everywhere to try to find yourself. I know for me when I turned 16 I was so, so lost because there were not anymore girly, girl or popular culture type clothes in the stores. I didn’t know who I was, and the only store I thought where I thought I found myself closed down so… Read more »


those sketches are such teasers! i’d love to see more fashion illustrations of hers!