Style File: Edition 3

Quirky, creative, lovable, giggly, cool…these are all words to describe the assistant designer for Meadow here at Free People who is also this week’s Style File Girl. And boy does this girl have style. I envy how creatively cool she looks each day, and it never appears to take her much effort.  She alters pieces in unique ways, thrifts like it’s her job (okay, it partly is), and throws in unexpected extraneous items to pull an outfit together. It’s tough to explain why exactly it all works, so I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. Check out what she wore this week…



Even though her look changes from day to day she certainly has her favorite accessories. I’m a big fan of the watch she always wears.


And what about those tattoos?

Her favorite is the acorn (far left) inspired by her childhood self who made her grandmother watch Peter Pan twice a day, every day. The acorn is from the version with real people in which Wendy asks Peter for a kiss, but since he’s just a boy, he doesn’t know what that is and gives her an acorn. Later on in the movie she’s struck down by an arrow, but you later come to find out the arrow pierced the acorn instead. It saved her life.


The creative spirit that she uses in her appearance is just as apparent in her job as the assistant designer on team Meadow. She pumps out awesome piece after awesome piece, often inspired by vintage clothing that she picks apart, blogs, and her coworkers. This Wednesday she was working on updating sketches she presented for setup to meet the buyers’ and head designers’ requests. She now has to show the garments in flat form along with fabric swatches, body, and any artwork to be used in the piece. At the end of it all, she puts it together into a nice presentation so buyers can decide exactly what they’ll buy and how much.

Picnik collage

The coolness doesn’t stop there. Her work space and home are just as one-of-a-kind as the outfits she wears and the creativity she brings to her job. I mean, who has a pregnant Barbie to accompany them at their desk every day? Safe to say, the space she inhabits is never boring.


And of course, I wouldn’t leave you all without a fun questionnaire. Time to let the woman speak for herself



  1. clusters of small holes is one of my all-time biggest fears too, they freak me out to no end! also “cluster” is my least favorite word (it gives me the chills every time someone says it) for this very reason. also, her style is incredible. :)

  2. Love this post!! keep up the good work FP you always inspire me! btw love the conan the barbarian shirt mixed with the maxi skirt <3

  3. I love every outfit that she wore this week, especially the first one! I love the shorts paired with the pretty jacket and the cool necklaces! xoxo

  4. I agree with folk and fairy tale that cardigan is AMAZING!!!

    I feel like Ke$ha obsessions bring people together because everybody I talk to about music talks to me for like an hour about all of this amazing indie music and then they’re like “I also have an embarrassing obsession with Ke$ha” and I’m like me too! TWINSS!

  5. I love that ya’ll are spot lighting different people from your team! It is so cool to see the face behind the work and see how they truly fit in with their job description! Who does your pattern making work??

    Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!


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