Style File – Wednesday

Our assistant web merchandiser was amazingly styled again today! She looks so free and happy in her flowing teal dress and ruffled flower-print tank. The dress, a piece from the Free People Convertibles Category, is one of her favorites for mixing and matching. Today, she layered it perfectly with a feminine tank, but she said she’s also been able to dress it up for formal events with a pretty pair of shoes, wear it as a belted casual dress, and, in colder weather, paired it with a cozy sweater. What she loves most about it? The bright and cheerful color =)

What perfects the outfit though, is that straw hat! She picked it up at a sample sale not too long ago, and it’s just right for the sunny day we’re having here today. You can tell it got her in a good mood, because she laughingly shared one of her favorite cheesy jokes with me. I’m giggling at my desk just thinking of it. Thought you’d all enjoy a little chuckle too, so, “have you heard?”

“Why does Snoop Dog use an umbrella?”

“Fo’ drizzle”

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11 years ago

she does look beautiful, i love that color green!! it’s coming up a lot in your new collection, right? love it

11 years ago

are those the stretch cork wedges?! i have and I LOVE. this outfit is adorable. don’t you wish summer could last forever?

11 years ago

Wish I was old enough to work for fp……*sigh*…….it looks like so much fun!

11 years ago

Adorable outfit, and the background in the picture is gorgeous! xoxo

11 years ago

Lovely post and gorgeous dress! greta image and look!