Sun Airway Sits Down For A Post Pitchfork Chat

While we were at pitchfork festival we were lucky enough to meet Sun Airway the bliss pop band from right here in Philadelphia at Schubas Bar where they played an amazing set for an after show gig. Their sweet lyrics and blippy, bloopy sound get me every time. They leave vapor trials after their mind blowing live performances; their sound is unique and unexpected.

The October 2010 release album Nocturne… is a strange beast. It’s doesn’t feel obsessed with nostalgia but some story lines they use send shivers down my spine like a chill wave can, but then some of its cues leave you with an unexpected attitude that makes you grasp for more. If you haven’t already listened to these guys you should!

We caught up with the ever so lovely guys, front man Jon Barthmus lets us in on what’s next, their highlights and how they rock their fashion style.

photo credit ~ Nathan Kula





what direction are you taking your sound?

i’m still partially looking for more future direction, but i definitely want to have a heavily orchestrated sound, songs with a lot of strings, but i’m also trying to kind of simplify the palette that i’m using this time around… for the last record it was, anything goes type of thing. this time around i’m going to try and exclude certain things. that’s only the kind of basic frame work i have right now.

what inspires you on a daily basis?

it’s hard to say… a little bit of everything i guess, i always take a lot from really good movies and books, things like that. usually i have to be open minded in looking for inspiration. i feel like it’s been turned off a lot lately.

How would you describe you fashion style?

fashion style (laughs) pretty classic, there’s a lot of plaid. there are only 4 different kinds of shirts we can wear – plaid button down, stripy tee shirts, oxford button down or a polo shirt like this. We like to stick with basics, we don’t get too crazy.

what have been your highlights this year?

pitchfork will definitely be a highlight and recording “yours truly” was pretty fun too. the church show in philly was the ultimate highlight for us, we played in the sanctuary on june the 3rd and had the whole thing mapped out with crazy lighting, it was pretty great.

how would you describe sun airway in 3 words?

what was that tee we saw? Oh, um… “Better than before” boom.

here’s some other photos from the bands we loved at Pitchfork!

fleet foxes




twin sister





Pitchfork we loved you!

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Wow neat pics! Thanks for turning me onto the band, listening to them on Pandora right now! Love her back tattoo.


your pitchfork coverage has been incredible! loved all of it.




i wish i had blue, knee-length hair…


Great photos of sun airway. I love them too.

i love her hair. awesome interview, too !


is that her real hair?!


Great, great post!