Wednes-DIY: Instagram Photo Wall

Today’s DIY project was inspired by this post on apartment therapy. Free People has an instagram account and I love so many of the photos that our home office girls post there – it’s like our little visual diary. I LOVE the idea of printing out our photo memories and making them into wall art!

What you need: I used white poster board and double sided tape, and printed our photos out on a regular printer.

I picked photos at random and just started lining them up in rows :)


And that’s it! I think this would look awesome framed and hung up in our office :)



  1. my favorite photo is the one of steven baldwins feet. maybe you feel the same way because you put the ‘love’ pic above it? is it on fire? cause of Backdraft? i dont think he ever wanted to be a fireman. hold on the phone is ringing.. sorry im back.. so anyway.. yea i love kurt russell!

  2. I love the photos that you take at FP with that app! What a cool inspiration board type thing! xoxo

  3. I love this!! I follow you guys on instagram and absolutely adore all of the photos, they look especially amazing all together

  4. Luv the different style of photos, esp the collage effect. We just started playing with Instagram great to see what it can do when you have some experience.

  5. Do you know what the dimensions of your pictures were? i could just play around with it doing some test ones, but why waste ink?

  6. Natasha, this is what I do with my instagram photos: I plug the phone into my computer, then go to “My computer”, click on the Iphone icon that comes up (can take a few minutes before it comes up), then find a folder in there with photos (the instagram photos appear in the Camera Roll), and transfer them over to the computer.

  7. Very cool, think it also looks so cool because of the selection of your Instagram photos! nice to see people putting effort into displaying their Instagram photos! I have been looking around for different inspirational ideas that I could blog about and this is so cool!

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