Weekend Getaway: The Not-So-Dirty Jerse

Jersey gets a bad rap, but my experience with the state has been primarily good, so I wanted to highlight one of its cute, lesser-known towns: Mount Holly. It’s a quaint historical village with a bit of indie vibe. Drive in on the main road, High Street, and you’ll be amongst town halls, prisons, and estates built as early as the late 18th century. As you make your way down the buildings are that of a more recent era – now filled with quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants. There’s a rich history in this place, and you can feel the presence of the many lives lived here.


Once you reach the town center’s crossroads – you’ll come across an arched gate leading into what is called Mill Race Village. The town mood changes here. Mill Race is an eclectic mix of quirky shops, handmade goods, and cute homes all painted in vibrant colors that brighten up your day. You can find anything from ghost hunting supplies to fresh honey to handmade jewelry in this part of town. It’s a lot of fun to walk around and explore.





After enjoying the town, venture out to Smithville Park. This National Park is built around a historic village which was once a major industrial plant known for its high-quality woodworking machinery in the the 1860’s to the 1920’s. The plant ruins are a bit eerie, but they’re placed amongst such beautiful surroundings it gives off a strange feeling. Keep wandering around and you’ll find a large lily pad covered lake with canoes, hiking trails, gardens, and old homes both restored and vacant.









  1. i love this blog post! i went to high school in mount holly, but I never explored the shops. i will have to check it out.

  2. im a jersey local from point pleasant, a town close to where the “jersey shore” is filmed. new jersey is nothing like what it is portrayed as on the show. its actually a really beautiful place when it isn’t infested with bennies.

  3. These pictures are lovely! I really like how the photos have different coloring, such as the sepia tone, the black and white, the negative effect, the grainy, and the one on the first picture! Great post! xoxo

  4. I lived in Mount Holly, I don’t think this is the most accurate representation of the town. I wish it was that beautiful.

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