About a Girl: Amy Soderlind of San Francisco

Not long before I went to San Francisco for Outside Lands, one of my co-workers sent me a link to a blog that she thought was worth checking out, called Refuses to Label. I clicked on the link and spent the next hour or so perusing the inspirational posts and photos on the blog. The writer, Amy Soderlind, is a stylist and writer living right outside of San Francisco on a beautiful farm. Her style is impeccable and I love her poetic way of writing – check out some photos below, along with a writeup about what she loves most about her city.

San Francisco carries character and integrity in every little crevasse of her small size. Take a walk and in just two blocks you are in another world. New smells, subcultures that I must sit and appreciate, really take in. I go nowhere without my note/sketch pad, and I do say: the most incredible quotes come from some of the crazies on the morning MUNI rides. I love that I can get from one end of the city to the other in less than 30 minutes.

The history that she holds also brings many like minded free spirits to live and create… the Beat Generation AND the Summer of Love?  yes please.

Taking Sundays to myself… City Lights Books, Trieste and Vesuvio: reels playing in my mind of Kerouac perusing the shelves and writing on the small table tops… Ginsberg spitting out words and phrases that still blow our minds today. The De Young or MOMA…. and yes, the many many beautiful small ma and pa vintage shops that I tend to spend far too much time in.

My favorite thing about this city? The beautiful people that are apart of my life here…. extraordinary talents that make my life rich with happiness.

Dressing in San Francisco is a year round challenge. Our summers are in October (for 3 short weeks) and the rest of the year is unpredictable with certainty of daily fog. I actually love this very variable when it comes to dressing – You can wear boots! Socks! Hats! Scarves! Jeans! Layers…. opens up doors of options that usually are shut tightly in August.


In this Look: Vintage Crochet Dress, Vintage black leather belt, AA Hat, Vintage combat boots, Afghan Necklace


In this Look:Thrifted Harem Pant, AA Tank, Vintage Cord Bomber, Diesel Boots, Panama Bag, Painted Bird Glasses, All Vintage Jewelry from around the Globe.

high waist_4

In this Look: Ernest Sewn High Waist Denim, Crop Tee, Vintage Bag, Vintage Belt, Vintage Jewelry Africa and Bali, Printed Silk Jacket.

Photo Credit: Lauren Goodman

Here are my current Free People favorites:


Stretch Suede Leggings, Zipper Ankle Boot, New Romantics Pleated Tunic, Nova Drawstring Bucket Bag.

Girl’s got good taste! I’m telling you, she is one to watch… refinery 29 just featured her this week! And be sure to check out her amazing blog, Refuses to Label. Thank you Amy!

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12 years ago

So uncanny, I’m going to San Francisco for a short vacation in a week and was looking for great fashion blogs of San Franciscans! What a great blog and lovely lady. I’m so excited to see the fashion in SF, and even more so now!

-Aly @ http://www.therosealley.blogspot.com

12 years ago

Amazing style.. love it!!


12 years ago

I grew up with this girl in a little northern Cali town and am so happy to see her doing well! She is truly a blessed and kind soul, and one of the nicest most sincere people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She deserves to be recognized for both her talent and her personality, it seems rare to find people who are as beautiful inside as they are outside, congratulations Amy!

12 years ago

your style is great! thanks for sharing!

12 years ago

love it!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

I’ve been completely enthralled, going back through Refuses to Label since Refinery 29 featured Amy last week…am finding I am waking looking forward to her next post….amazing style, fabulous pics, gorgeous words, soul & vibe…an absolute Amy fan! Thank you for sharing!

12 years ago

Amy is my girl! Love this, she is so wonderful and such an inspiration. I wear the caftan she gave me with joy every time!!!

10 years ago

hi! i am so in love with your pictures and style. seriously i am so inspired and i would love to do what you do one day — i live in northern california and would love to connect with you!!!

10 years ago

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We are the world’s first subscription local spa service and we have 22 different locations throughout the Bay Area to pick from! This has been a huge success in Atlanta and New York- we wanted to share it with your subscribers/followers!


9 years ago

Amazing style, pictures…and the history of the free spirit! I envy FP stylists! My dream job! <3

Ruby van Dort
9 years ago

I have a slightly strange question.
First of all i apologize if my english isn’t perfect!
I am from holland so i make some mistakes now and then.
I was wondering if you could help me out, i have tried to get in contact with amy a few times now(email/facebook) but i am affraid my messages get delivered in her spam folder.

The reason i am trying to get in contact with her is this:
A while ago i saw a picture of Amy on Pinterest in a awesomeeee white dress. Now i have been looking for this dress everywhere in The netherlands but can not find it.

So i wanted to ask her where she bought her dress so maybe i can order it online or something.
Now i am writing to you because maybe you know where the white dress comes from.
Hmm i now realise i can’t add a picture to this post uhm.

Omg i am just looking to find a picture online to add the link ans i think i found it on your site?it is the white dress she is wearing..http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/02/travel-inspiration-amy-soderlind-bali/
I think it is called the “mexican wedding dress” but when i clicked on the link i see that it is unavailable:( is there a way that i can buy this dress maybe via via someone? I love it sooooo much!

Sorry for the long and crazy questions hope you guys can help me out or can get me in contact woth Amy so she can maybe help me out. I have been looking for 2 months already so i am kind of on a mission right now haha.

Hope to hear from you,

Cheers from the cold Netherlands!


Ruby van Dort
9 years ago

Never mind i got in contact with Amy yesterday and it is all clear now:)