How to Style: Layering from Summer to Fall

Tomorrow is the first day of September! I can’t believe fall is almost upon us. But don’t put away your favorite summer shorts, skirts or tanks just yet! You can still layer with these items going into fall and create some really cute silhouettes that are right on trend. Jemma and I worked with our videographer to make this little video showing how to style your favorite summer outfit into fall!
Song is Jonathan Fire Eater “I’ve Changed Hotels”

Look One: Layering with Maxi Skirts
Start with a skirt or similar style like the floral gauchos, one of your favorite dressy tops and heels. Add a thermal, tall boots, leather jacket and scarf to transition to fall.

Look Two: Layering with Pants
Start with any style of bottoms and a tank top and ankle boots. Add a hat, light weight cardigan and jacket to transition to fall.

Look Three: Layering with Shorts
Start with your favorite pair of shorts, summery blouse and boots. Add tights, a loose knit and hat to transition to fall.

Which look is your favorite?

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awesome…such a great transitional guide.

I just made a post on my blog yesterday about added tights to shorts to transition in to fall!! You guys go into way more detail though! THanks for sharing

xo Kara

THIS IS AMAZING!!! i have seriously no idea how to layer because i grew up in arizona, but now that i’m married i live in maryland and freeeeze during fall. so thank you thank you! this is wonderful!


Awes! Jemma is too cute! I choose look three.


Jem- you’re cute as a button! This is a great vid. Look 3 is my fave xo


that was so cute! gotta say i’m not usually a fan of the shorts and tights but look 3 was adorable! changin my mind, learnin new things. thanks FP!

I second fpbecca – cute as a button! & Looove the shorts!


Lovely video, Jemma is beautiful!


I like them all but the 3rd one was my favorite!


Inspirational as always! Jemma surely knows a thing or two about styling!!


too great, I like to see Jemma in more things like this, she wears looks very well!


I loved the second outfit, whats the name of the army green pants in outfit two?? :)