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Love all the colors and textures and pooches and smiling faces around the office as always. Love the last pic… is there gonna be a DIY for this? It’s so cute!


Lou is too precious! I wanna walk her!

I love the colors and general aesthetic that this office brings! This doesnt really pertain to the post but would you guys mind doing a DIY post on crafty things to decorate dorm rooms with? :)


what kind of dog is lou?

The Free People atmosphere is so beautiful, inspiring, and vivacious. I love how creative and colorful everything is. It is evident that Free People is full of passionate, hard working, and happy people. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!

i love the beatles’s records!!!

I wanna take my doggie to work.

I absolutely love this entire post. Its so creative and each picture tells a different story. Love love love


My friend, you should be a writer. Your text is really authentic. You ought to do it professionaly

Rebecca McElheny

Love your office space!!!! Would love a DIY on the first photo fabric macrame? and the last two photos!!

hmmm…. must have a lot of display items getting taken down while you get ready for fall, it would be a shame to just put it all in storage. I’m looking for a FP giveaway on the horizon ;)


I am actually in love with those orange nails.

We love Fritzy in Soho!!!

i love the way u presented pic’s.