Style File: Visual Merchandiser

Meet this week’s style file girl – the visual merchandising assistant at the Free People home offices. She is one of the sweetest most humble people, and when you visit her desk you’re sure to get licked up and down by her friendly (canine) partner in crime, Dill. I was drawn to her style because of the perfect blend of classic elements and rocker edge that she seems to have mastered. You can almost bet she’ll have on at least one piece that you want to rip off of her for yourself – namely, the abundance of statement necklaces, hair pieces, and perfect tees that she has collected over the years. Another thing I love about her style is the hair. She has mastered the art of hair pinning for awesome intricate up-dos, and has tons of neat head bands, scarves, turbans, and hats that she works in. Maybe it’s her easy personality that makes it all look so effortless, but she sure knows how to top off a look achieving great results.

Her styling skills don’t just keep her looking like perfection each day, but they also keep our stores looking like perfection. In her job as a visual merchandiser, she styles mannequins with outfit ideas and comes up with merchandising concepts and color stories for our stores. Another cool part of her job involves selecting all of the music to be played in Free People stores. Every other Friday she and the visual team go through their new selections and choose their favorites. After all the ideas have been developed she maintains communication with store contacts, so they are well aware of the big ideas and everything going on.





Copy of IMG_2440




Colorado trail



Dill hike



  1. She’s super cute! I love all of her outfits and hair styles! I especially love her floppy hat and her rosie the riviter-esque style photo!! Such a great fit!

  2. Cute style! I wish I worked at free people and could shoot shotgun shells out of a twenty-two haha!

  3. Her job sounds so much fun! I love to style outfits, and love expressing my creative edge! The necklace in the 5th picture is to die for (I love vintage-looking jewelry!), and the pup is adorable! xoxo

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