Thursday Poll: Cup of Tea Accessories

It’s no secret that Free People has some of the best jewelry around. Unique, ethnic-inspired pieces are aplenty on our website. I love the small curated collection of jewelry, Cup of Tea, that is live on the website now, but as usual with Free People jewelry, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amazing options, and cannot chose one. What do you all think?

The Amalfi Coast Pendant

Saldana Chunk Ring

Veda Stone Ringveda stone ring

Bergamo Onyx Ring

bergamo onyx ring


  1. gotta be honest – I love to check out fp blogs but am disappointed to see the mark up on the jewelry . I personally own one of the saldana rings and know they can be purchased on ebay for as little as $30. I understand mark up but this just seems a bit extreme.

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