Wednes-DIY: Feather Hair Clips

There’s no question, we love the feather hair clip trend.  It’s a great way to add a unique touch to a simple outfit and they are perfect accessories for summer festivals (like Outside Lands this weekend!).  I love the elegant and intricate ones I’ve been seeing around the web, and for today’s DIY project our Roosevelt field MIT, Kristina, shows you how to make your own feather hair clip! Once you get the hang of it this is something you can definitely experiment with, adding additional feathers or other elements like beads and charms.


What you need: Two feathers of your choice, jewelry chain, 3 pieces of jewelry wire and a hair clip.

(You can find fake feathers at arts and crafts stores.)


Step One: Wrap wire around both feathers, leaving a little room at the top.


Step 2: Use the remaining wire on each feather to wrap around chain in any place you want!


Step 3: Take the rest of the jewelry wire and stick through the top of the chain. Wrap that piece around the hair clip and you have yourself your very own feather hair clip!


thanks for sharing Kristina!
And of course if you don’t want to make your own, check out our accessory shop for hair accessories and keep an eye out for more feather clips coming in the future!

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11 years ago

can we have a btter pic of the finished product?

11 years ago

My hair is a little short and could not use this feather hair clip. But tell the true, the clip is very nice!

11 years ago

clothing: you could also use a barrette which would let the clip show and you could just make the feather strand shorter! It would look so cute!

I wear feathers that I find at the beach in my hair all of the time. I’m a fan of the big feathers verses the small ones.

11 years ago

For all my vegan-vegetarian friends, I know – at least in the case of the long feathers most girls are putting in their hair – the birds are farmed don’t survive past the plucking process :( Freepeople but not Freebird :(

11 years ago

for those of you who aren’t up for the DIY I make these!

11 years ago

Feathers are still a big hit for the fall trends 2011. Especially peacock feathers. Whether it be bleached, dyed or at the original state. If you’d like to get the look at a more affordable price visit

I make them all myself:-)

10 years ago

Like the others said if you don’t wanna do it yourself I make and sell hair feather alot like this, check out my page. they are all super cheap from 5-10 bucks. thanks (: