Awesome NYC Wholesale Job Alert!

Interested in being in the thick of the business of fashion? Dying to be a huge asset to a brand growing at a rapid pace? Are you super motivated, ambitious, a fast learner and a fashion and social media junkie with her finger on the pulse of the industry? If so, this could be the opportunity you’ve been seeking.

Free People is hiring an Assistant to the Managing Director of Wholesale! If you’re stylish, organized, good with numbers, and this sounds like your dream job, you just might want to apply. Click here for more details. And, check out a day in the life below:

Could this be you….?

8:00AM: Jump off the subway in the shoes you picked up at the sample sale this past weekend.

8:05AM: Stop into your favorite café to grab a large coffee (you’re gonna need it) and Greek yogurt before heading into the office.

8:15AM: Get to your desk and get organized for the long (but fun) day ahead. You check up on email to make sure that none of the international stores emailed you with urgent matters throughout the night.

9:05AM: What’s this? Free People’s favorite boutique in San Francisco placed an order at the tradeshows, and now they’d like to double it? Great! Forward to your coworker, and then get back to pulling sales data for your boss. Thank god you’re an Excel expert ;)

9:45AM: Big meeting on the calendar at 10! Have to get all of your things together!

11AM: Post meeting time to organize your notes and email the international wholesale team to check up on some of the topics covered. It looks like they’ll be having market visits with big buyers and we want them to have the samples for next Spring to show.

12PM: Short break! Bruno’s dying to go out, and you’ve been running around all morning. First you stop to get a greek salad and green tea, then you head out to walk him for a short bit.

12:45PM: Back to work. You have to put together some packets that will be going out to wholesale’s clients.

1:30PM: Another meeting. This time you’re meeting with your boss and other coworkers about a strategy for getting the upcoming capsule collection into key stores. This takes a lot of analyzing past numbers and behaviors which you’ve been preparing for the past few days.  You take notes for her during the meeting, so that she doesn’t miss a thing.


2:30PM: You update your boss’s twitter – she asks you to do this sometimes when she’s crazy busy.

2:35PM: Yikes! Don’t forget you have to book her flight for next month (and also don’t forget she’s a vegetarian – you’ll want to select the vegetarian option for her).

3:30PM: Wow your eyes hurt from staring at these spreadsheets…check and see what today’s special is at the café. It’s pretzel day?! Time to grab Suzy and hit that up. Bruno will appreciate the added walk =P

3:45PM: Back to updating our best sellers. That’s so interesting that they ordered so many of that top. You wouldn’t think that it would be right for their customer. Hm..maybe you’ll want to have somebody check up on this.


4:30PM: Adding some appointments to your boss’s calendar. She needs to meet with Joe, Bob, and Heather about performance in the UK.

5PM: The phone rings. It’s her daughter, let her know she’s on the phone and pass her through.

6:00PM: End of day email check. It looks like you have to begin organizing a showroom appointment for October. You can start that tomorrow, but don’t forget to make a note in your color-coded calendar so you don’t forget!

6:15PM: What? It’s after six already!? You need to email Rachel very quickly to see what ever happened with those samples. Then you’ll get going! Hmm…what should you wear tomorrow?


Is this you? Click here for more details and to apply – this position is located in New York City.

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hey, I was just wondering if free people is opening up at store in philly anytime soon? I’d love to work in a fp, but king of prussia is too far. I worked at urban in cherry hill, but the style just wasn’t for me. any plans for a fp closer to philly?

ah stop it, this is making it hard for me to want to finish school! 1 year to go and I will be one of Free People’s best employees :)

I would be amazing at this, but not sure I am such a fashionista. More business minded with Bachelor’s in Sales and Marketing and a soon to be MBA in International Business, though this is a position I would DIE for!! :)

Um YES!! But in LA, not NYC :(

Can’t wait to finish school and have an opportunity like this!


Working for FP would be absolutely amazing….would it matter if an applicant applies from overseas? Just wondering! :)


hi, i was just wondering if there’d be any visual positions/internships available? i studied architecture and i’m now studying interior architecture. i’ve worked in the retail industry for the past five years and i’d like to explore the creative/design side now.


Hello! I have been wanting to work for free people for a long time, but there are none in my area. (ri) I am planning to move to boulder, co, which would be the perfect place for fp so there really should be one there!!!………I was wondering how one becomes a free people model? this is my dream. Or do you know who to contact about this?

Terri Munro

Hi, I know some one interested in this very job. What is the best way for her to meet a recruiter.


I’m sending Cara your way. She’s from Nashville. BAS in FD&M. Several years retail experience. Perfect style and personality. She’ll be a great addition to your team. Dr. T.