Free People Fall Display Giveaway!

I have one of the awesome flannel lanterns from our Fall store displays and I want to give it to one of YOU!

To enter, click here and fill out the brief form. I will choose a winner at random one week from today!

Good luck :)

P.S. learn how we made them here.


  1. obsessed with these since your first post about them…i want them in my house so bad! hey if i don’t win, at least you guys taught me how to make them:)

  2. I would use these at my wedding which is just in a few months. All of our decorations are inspired by free people and so I was planning on making these already, so I would love to save the time and have these hanging at my wedding! After the wedding, I am going to reuse all the decorations for my apartment, so these lanterns would be just perfect! They’e beautiful!

  3. Wow, just stunning.
    This past year and a half I have completely fallen in love with freepeople.
    I came across it while browsing the web and now I visit this site more than facebook – simply wonderful.

  4. ive been reading your blog everyday religiously! i posted it on my works webpage to get inspired with the photography (i work at a hair salon) and i ALWAYS love the creative ideas with putting your store together! much much love :}

    I am making these (or attempting to) for my birthday party! This is such a great idea! This would be the best gift ever!!
    Much Love FP!

  6. I’m constructing one now, the sequin details are a little bit of a pain but I’m sure when its finished I will love it.
    Thanks Free People!

  7. i would LOVE to actually win one of these amazingly creative and adorable lanterns…especially since they are a million times cuter than the one i tried to make…haha!

  8. This is so creative. How do ya come up with these innovative stuff! The imagination is so beautiful. and so are its products! i love lanterns! I hope I win this.

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