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It looks like the rain has people dressing a bit more casually this week. Today in office style we have some great laid back tees, close-toed shoes, high waters, and cozy sweaters or jackets. Where people decided to battle the elements and thrown on something more put together, we have great combinations of color and texture. Who would have thought to layer plaid over lace or to throw in and pop of blue with rusty orange and zebras? I love it all!

Picture 011

Picture 012

Picture 013

The Sleeveless Printed Tie Buttondown

Picture 017

The Dursoduro Maxi Cardigan

Picture 018

Picture 019

Picture 020


  1. Hello!
    I am such a fan of the blog! I always love the office styles. And the looks from the September catalog are absolutely gorg.

    I am completely heart broken… I just attempted to order the Jeffrey Campbell “High Plains” boots in Khaki only to find that they were sold out!! While I know the chances are unlikely, I just had to ask if anyone knows if these Boots will be re-stocked anytime soon in the currently unavailable Khaki?! It may be a long shot but is there any way possible I can get my hands on a pair? I am completely enamored with them!

    Your humble admirer, Dana

  2. Love the shoes that the girl in jeans is wearing in the picture with the three girls leaning agiasnt the wall, I have been looking for shoes like that for a long time! Can you possibly tell me where she purchased them? Thank you!

  3. @LISA: The black wedge heels are cute! you can find ones very similar made by jeffery campbell and they’re available through urban outfitters! A little pricy though

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