Office Style

Day by day I’m so impressed by all of the amazing fashion I come across here at the office. Everywhere there are items that make you want to melt. The styling is so fresh. I find myself staring just taking in the aesthetic of it all.

She was a little camera shy, but I had to capture this necklace for you all. How amazing?!

Picture 008

I love how she knotted the dress and wore it with printed boots to give this look a laidback feel.

Picture 014

Picture 009

This crazy mix match of prints is so daring and perfect. I love how the prints have a funky feel yet the look remains retro and feminine overall.

Picture 017

How stylish is this pairing of the ruffle legging with chambray and booties?Picture 004

Picture 010

I love this dressed down look with the lacey layering skort for fall.

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12 years ago

Love the horn necklace


12 years ago

mm love the knotted dress!

12 years ago

got to get those ruffled leggings! amazing


12 years ago

I adore that necklace! I am on a mad hunt to find or make it. Obsessed.

12 years ago

Yayy Melody is the prettiest!! <3 <3 <3 Love your office style posts.

12 years ago

Wow great line up…I adore that mix & match outfit

12 years ago

The necklace is awesome. The knotted dress looks great!