Saturday DO

DO: go to bed an hour early and read.





I have two problems: 1) I never seem to get enough sleep, and 2) I never have enough time to read as much as I’d like. Rather than continue letting this bother me, I’ve begun a little experiment. An hour earlier than I typically would, I force myself to get into bed. I’m usually not tired, but I get into bed anyways and pull out a book. Eventually from reading, my eyes begin to get droopy. As soon as this happens I roll over and go to sleep. Reading serves as a perfect way to let the tiredness set in, and it helps you feel more settled before bed.

I don’t get too much more sleep than I did before, only about 15-30min, but I think that’s the best I can shoot for with the way my life goes. The biggest success of this experiment has been the added reading time. I find reading to be one of life’s biggest pleasures. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy…whatever it is – reading opens your eyes, and lets you experience things/people that you may never otherwise encounter. It’s a great thing to incorporate into your everyday routine.

I quite like the effects of my experiment so far. I’ve decided to keep up the efforts, and try to make it my new thing. You should all try it out sometime soon and see how it works for you. It’s a great way to wind down your day, and I think you will all enjoy the added one-on-one time with you, your book, and your bed.

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12 years ago

With how crazy school and work have been, I’ve been doing this every night to fit In reading time in my day! Great advise.

12 years ago

Or on a saturday…stay in bed an hour late and read…even better.

12 years ago

I love that you posted this! I am a total bookworm. Right now I’m reading The Lord of the RIngs: The Fellowship of the Rings. Here’s to reading!!

12 years ago

This is lovely, thank you. It’s especially relevant for me right now, as I’ve just gone to college. Every night I stretch and then read a portion of The Illiad before going to bed.

12 years ago

i love getting into bed early and reading. thanks for the reminder.

12 years ago

Curling into bed and reading sounds absolutely wonderful and how beautiful is that bedroom in the first photograph!