Trend Spotting: we LOVE polka dots

Such a playful print is running through our minds lately, we can’t quite get enough of this adorable look. It’s a look that made a very popular fashion statement, especially for women’s dresses and blouses during the 1920, 1940’s and 50’s and now it has made its way back and is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We like this look either worn full blown retro, like our muse Alexa Chung, or dress it down with casual items, jeans or cutoffs to give the look a relaxed, cool vibe.

Are you happy to wear polka dots?


Photos: Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexa Chung

From left to Right: Elizabeth Taylor struck a glamorous pose in a blouse with a polka dot yoke in 1944, the same year she appeared in the award-winning movie National Velvet. Studio headshot portrait of American singer and actress Alice Faye (1915-1998) wearing a polka-dot dress. 1970 London policewomen.  Marilyn Monroe circa 1951.


dotted lace tee, mesh panties, mesh dot ankle socks, polka dotted boho blouse

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12 years ago

This post is awesome.
It is true. Polka dots seem to be filling my closet lately.
I love it.

12 years ago

Love the dots!


12 years ago

going to be honest, it would have to take a VERY nice piece with very small polka dots for it to enter my carefully engineered closet of geometric sparkles and angular staples (I’ll let the odd floral in too). I just think it is a very ‘cheap’ looking print – probably because you see it so regularly where the bargain retailers have picked up on it and the highstreet is full of MASSIVE ugly spots. . . I do love that pullover though. .

12 years ago

i love polka dots, I love Alexa Chung. This post has inspired me!

12 years ago

i especially love big polka dots!