Blogger Meetup: Elsa of Styleabaad


On Friday I met up with Elsa of the blog Styleabaad for coffee. She chose the spot – Last Drop café on 13th and Pine. I live in Old City and rarely come over this way, but I was completely charmed by this coffee shop! I love cafés that feel homey and unique, the kind that makes you want to bring a book and get cozy and stay a while.

I first met Elsa when I posted a photo of her on our blog, not realizing she was currently living right here in philly! It just so happened that same day she was at the Free People home office visiting her friend, our Art Director. Small world, huh? We decided to meet up and talk about blogging, fashion, philly and more.


Elsa is fascinating – she is from Sweden, and has been living in Philly for three years now with her husband. She loves to write and travels often – the last 12 years she has been traveling to India, where she has spent time in an Ashram and also worked various jobs including backup dancer in Bollywood films. In addition to her blog, she is working on a novel about her travels – I for one would love to read it! She also had some really interesting perspectives on fashion in Philly vs. fashion in Sweden, and what it was like to move here as a foreigner. Stay tuned because she agreed to write a guest post about it for our blog :)

I also couldn’t get over how cute she looked with her blue hat, backpack and kate spade bike!



I had to get a closeup of her awesome nail polish too – what a cool idea!



Get the look: Ankle Crop Jean, Floral Buttondown, Pierre Slip On, Ski & Hike Backpack, Knitted Ranger Hat.

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12 years ago

Julia, it was so great meeting you on Friday and I’m glad you like “The Last Drop” just as much as I do! I’m really looking forward to writing that guest post soon! Thanks for this lovely post, talk to you soon. xo Elsa

12 years ago

Elsa is such a beautiful, talented, inspiring girl, so happy to see her featured on the blog!:)

12 years ago

Love the nails and green bike!


12 years ago

Thats my street! Its so cool you guys go there!

kristy g
12 years ago

I love the last drop! They have the yummiest vegan goodies and coffee!

12 years ago

LOVE the Last Drop! I used to go there every day for coffee when I was at UArts! <3

12 years ago

Omg I went to UArts and used to live on 13th and spruce so I’d always go there before I started my stretch of academic classes after a day of dance classes! Best chai still that I have ever had to date!

kristy g
12 years ago

haha I go to UArts! That’s funny that every one who commented on this went there!