Cool Job Alert: Graphic Design Assistant!

We are looking for a Graphic Design Assistant to join our home office team! The primary focus for this position will be to create.

Responsibilities include:

  • To create compelling catalog covers and layouts, using your painterly and illustrative skills
  • To invent new ideas for layout and push the limit of catalog design
  • To create striking, visually unique, and artistic marketing messages for

For more info and to apply, please click here.*

*When applying please attach work samples or website address.

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kelly w

Do you offer internships to graphic design students?

If I was to mail something special in addition to applying, who would be the person to contact?


home office meaning philly, or working remotely from a home office?

It hurts my heart to see almost every GD job requiring web/coding skills. I have a strong understanding of web design but I’m very rusty with coding. :(


Hi there,

I am just wondering: What is the deadline to apply for this position?

Thank you kindly.

this is awesome!

just applied! wahooo! thank you facebook!


Hi, I sent a little package to the 5000 S. Broad St. adress in addition to my applicstion. Would it be able to find it’s way to the design department?


I applied and I hope I have a chance, I love free people and illustration!!!!

hi there! when i click to apply it says “…this position’s Status has recently changed. Please select another position to apply to.” does this mean the position has already been filled or am i still able to apply?!


Has the deadline for this already passed???

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Hey there! I am kevin..I am a web designer in Minnesota web design company. I have a strong understanding of web design..if you need my support, just let me know.

This job is opened again?