A diary of a fashion blogger….

I love weekends, don’t you? Come Wednesday I’m lusting for Saturday morning to come. I wake up to the smell of French roast coffee and snooze until I’m ready to step foot outside of the cozy blankets. No alarm, no rushing just a peaceful mind looking forward to two days that you can dedicate to yourself. My mindset right now is all about HALLOWEEN. I decorated my house a little, placed a pumpkin amongst my flea market finds and a little Halloween man on top of my crate box.

I’m leaning towards an autumn leaf vibe; my aesthetic seems to be turning all rustic and autumnal from wearing dark floral prints to gathering earthly things for my home.

It’s that time of year again and I love it!

my mantel inspired by mrs havishman aesthetic

mid afternoon, I search for inspiration


rearranged my wardrobe




  1. I agree with Taylor, I like the look of this post. It makes me want to go out and find unique things for my home. You have a nice eye and look as cute as a button. I wouldn’t mind diving into those hangers also!

  2. i love a good vintage find and the smell of coffee in the morning! fp’s blog is always a source of inspiration! this fall, i’m transforming my room with brights.

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