DIY Personalized Denim Shirt

I’ve been really into the menswear trend lately – I love taking pieces borrowed from a boy and giving them a feminine twist. Then I saw this photo on tumblr and inspiration struck! I knew my next DIY project would be customizing an old denim shirt by adding a pop of colorful pattern.

What you need: collared button-down shirt of your choice, pretty fabric of your choice (try old clothing you don’t wear anymore or thrift stores!), scissors, needle, thread and safety pins.


Lay the shirt flat with the collar folded up.


Place the fabric on the shirt, and you can either mark on the shirt where you want the fabric to cover, or you can cut a piece of fabric that is slightly larger than that area – this is what I did. I wanted to make sure I didn’t cut too small of a piece, and i figured I could just trim the edges later on, which ended up working perfectly.


Use safety pins to attach the fabric to the shirt so it doesn’t move around as you sew.


Start sewing! Sew along the seams at the top and shoulders of the shirt, and then straight across the back.


Once the fabric was sewn to the shirt, I went around the edges with my scissors and trimmed the excess fabric.

And that’s all there is to it! I’m pretty stoked about my “new” shirt!



We have some shirts online right now that would be great for this!

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12 years ago

What a cute innovative idea! I bought a couple henleys with this type of design on the backs. A great addition to an otherwise plain shirt.

12 years ago

What a simple idea! Adding this to my to-do list. Thanks!

12 years ago

so cute! perfect denim shirt– where is it from?

12 years ago

I totally want that shirt.

really a great diy! something you can easily do with any vintage shirt

xx viviane

12 years ago

That’s helpful.tks!

12 years ago

Amazing! Im going to try to do that soon!

12 years ago

This is amazing! I’m going to do it with one of my collard shirts that I was planning on giving to goodwill because I thought it wasn’t really “me” anymore. Thank you so much!

Nicole Swearingen
12 years ago

I tried this for my friends birthday and it turned out great! I even added fabric onto the pockets. [:

5 years ago

DIY ideas are trends in this generation. It implements not just recreating the product itself but to recycle the things that can be useful but in another way.