From our Creative Director: “Present”

Our creative director just sent me this beautiful story and video… read on, and watch the video below!

“This is a couple I spent some time with in my youth. Their son, Fabby was like my little brother for awhile. Beatrix was the 1st beautiful eccentric I had ever met. She taught me about surrealism and holistic medicine and that it was okay to adore clothes. I remember when I first saw her at the Foxfeild horse races she pulled up in this very old silver Rolls Royce and when she got out of the car I was dumbfounded by her elaborate way of dressing. I love it that she is showing up on blogs now!”


  1. If you were to ever see Bearix Ost and her husband, even from not so near, one cannot help but feel the affection they share towards one another, and I will never forget this. I must read her book!

  2. If you are ever lucky enough to be in there company for one minute , I promise , you will never forget the pleasure !!! Companionable , artistic , fun and loving . X100 !

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