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The fashion blogger and creative researcher here at Free People is a little pixie with amazing style. Using her sharp British eye she blends rich colors and details, and always knows how to style vintage pieces in a way that strays from dowdy. She’s one of those select few who can pull of a vintage floral-print jumpsuit and make it look modernly chic. She rocks the borrowed from the boy look with nostalgic touches of corduroy, elbow patches, and canvas – keeping her silhouette streamlined, but relaxed. A lot of her clothes she either makes herself or she’s picked up on a vintage store run. And then there are those pieces it seems that she is religiously attached to. You can almost bet she’ll have on her black lace-up walking boots and silver rings. They seem to go with everything she wears, always adapting to the spirit of each outfit.

Picture 005

Picture 007

Picture 009

Picnik collage



Picture 0091

Picture 011


  1. In my opinion, all the outfits except maybe the last one were just kind of “meh”. Not bad, just unremarkable.

  2. I think the elbow-patch outfit is awesome -old man at the train-station & beat writeresque. Also, her hair is super sexy.

  3. Hi Naomi,
    thanks for your reply, what was the brand, carson tote or something? i remember thinking its also sold independently…?

  4. Linda – the brand is bed/stu, it looks like they still have it on their website.

    Emily – her favorite blog is :)

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