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This lovely lady with romantic style is a designer here at Free People. Beautiful wrap dresses and flowing chiffon paired with her head of fiery red curls give off an almost Victorian feeling. She puts an updated twist on the classically beautiful elements with leather leggings, boho wedges, and playful nail art. A master of prints, you’ll often catch this designer in a statement pattern that is to die.

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Some Halloween fun :)

Picture 026

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11 years ago

where are those boho wedges from!? and the other strappy/native american patterned wedges? TO DIE FOR! :) beautiful red hair too !

11 years ago

Absolute ~DREAM~ loved this! And, HER!
Wonderful job at picking creative and exhilarating auras such as the lovely ladies you have workin for ya!
P.S.- Couldn’t help but LOVE the answer for Brown or Black?! COLOR!
Always look forward to your posts!
Happy November 1st!

11 years ago

you stress color but wear almost always black.. interesting!!