Trendspotting: Fancy Collars

Shirts have become a fashion focus with an emphasis on the collar. Styled individuals are wearing their shirts buttoned up – right up! But it doesn’t stop there…
Decorating the collar is key in creating a quirky new take on this trend whether it is with a necklace or actually customizing the shirt collar itself.
Right now we love this collar necklace as it allows you to create a quirky collar twist with almost anything!

Are you all collared up??

Oh… and stay tuned for a DIY next week


items: Miles of lace dress,  La bourse Plaid button down, Cropped cardigan, Stella collar


  1. This reminds me of the hankie collars I had to wear over a blue apron during elementary school. Can’t wait for the DIY!

  2. the collar with the lace dress, is amazing. I love this trend right now, everyone should take to spicing up there collars for fall ;)

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