Blogger Diary: California Dreamin’…

“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering…”

Sometimes I feel like the thoughts in my head fly around at a frenzied pace and the only way to sort them out is to get away for a bit.  Even if it’s not far away, just to get out of the city, and surround myself with new sights, smells and sounds can do the trick.  This weekend I did actually travel though – I went to California for a quick vacation with my sister to catch up with some family and old friends.

California is one of my favorite places in the world – and while I prefer San Francisco, I do love LA.  We stayed at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood – located on Sunset Blvd, it has a really cool modern vibe and great location. We spent our days doing some vintage shopping on Melrose (where I found a pair of perfectly beat-up boots in just my size for a mere $20!), hanging out in Santa Monica – where we even went to the pier for the first time in years, and just lounging by the pool at the hotel, relaxing before a night out.

It was just what I needed before flying back to a cold, snowy (!) Northeast on Saturday.


The Standard Hotel




Chateau Marmont


I loved this store Slow – especially its little off-shoot full of vintage treasures called As Is.





Another great store – Wasteland – where I got my boots.


Santa Monica Pier






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awwww i do love living in LA. great vintage finds too, i’ll have to go out looking for some myself! anddd that pink/purple house by the beach–i don’t know how many times i’ve seen that house (in photos or in person)! barbie dream beach house!

Great blog post! I love California.. makes me want to go for a visit!


I love L.A. Santa Monica is the best! I love how chill everyone is!
I bought one of those little VW Buses on the Pier when I was there last year!
You’re so lucky to have been out there! The snow made it feel more like Christmas than Halloween. Bring back Summer!!

the pictures from the vintage store make me oh so happy!


This post makes me miss my home so much. southern california. it flows through my veins and influences everything i do. you picked the 2 best stores on melrose! love love love. and the standard hotel is the place where i met my australian boyfriend, and thats the reason why i live 8000 miles away from cali. but i guess he’s worth it! :)

It’s so funny, I feel like the light in southern california is different. I grew up there and I’ve never recognized the same light in any other picture of any other place.

this post makes me miss Los Angeles so much! i love Slow and Wasteland. and i miss palm trees so much!

aw everyones posts below are exactly how i feel about california and this post, and i just got back from visiting san francisco. now i live in las vegas but california is just where it’s at. i’m really excited to the new free people store opening up at the mall i work at on the strip though!