Blogger’s Diary – The sweet scent of Fall

This weekend I enjoyed the feeling of Fall, the leaves have turned all fiery here in Philly. The rustic leaves brings a vintage feel, a feeling of age and decay that I’m drawn to; throughout my life I’ve loved the juxtaposition of the beautiful and the ugly finding old buildings and seeing the beauty in them. This nostalgic feeling comes flowing into me during fall – the trees decay ready to transform into something beautiful come spring. I kinda love that.

After a scrumptious brunch at one of my favorite restaurants here in Philly “Parc” that recalls the chic brasseries of Paris and a long walk in my vintage French military boots I returned home and got be-dazzled by party hats for these coming festive months – DIY soon perhaps!

Happy Monday all!!





  1. I’m a freshman at Philly U and I’m fallig in love with the colors of the leaves on the ground against the old cobblestone sidewalks…it’s amazing!

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    Keep creating fantastic clothes… are amazing!!

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