DIY Holiday Ornaments Turned Accessories: Headband

DIY Ornament turned into Headband

For this DIY we used the beautiful jewel encrusted ornament designed by Chan Luu. Our clever team used this ornament to create an adorable headband in just a few easy steps! All you need is a plain old headband and some fabric glue.

Untie the ornament from its hook, and then bit by bit, use the fabric glue to adhere it to the headband. We used clips (pictured below) to hold the ribbon in place as it dried.


That’s it! I love how the hanging chains give this a delicate feel:


Jewel Encrusted Ornament by Chan Luu

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12 years ago

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11 years ago

I was literally going through the old DIY’S to find more ideas to do and to “spice” up my life. I am in love with this idea ! ! LITERALLY
! Most likely we could get the plain headbands where ?
Comment Please @ ! ?

11 years ago

Just love this idea! Thanks God for Curiosity… I found this ’cause i’m curious… ;)