Dressed Dressed Dressed for Fun Fun Fun Fest

Our good friend Tolly Moseley is back with another amazing guest post, this time covering all the best festival fashion from this past weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Festival down in Austin! Enjoy :)


Here in Austin, Texas, the citizenry lives and breaths music.  There’s a show every night, a festival seemingly every month, and last weekend we welcomed our annual Fun Fun Fun Fest: An event that boldly marries indie rock, metal, and live comedy.

Personally, I find dressing for music festivals somewhat challenging.  You’re on your feet all day.  You’re outside.  I never pick the right footwear, and always end up hobbling around in (cute!) shoes.  And yet, I frequently spot girls – and a few guys, too – who float around at music festivals, looking effortlessly chic.  Their names are Rooney Mara and Ryan Gosling.  (Who were both at Fun Fun all weekend, shooting a movie).

But as for us mere mortals?  How do we answer that age old question of form vs. function at a music fest?  At Fun Fun, the hip folks of Austin showed us how it’s done.

Your intrepid blogger, above!  I’m holding Fun Fun’s most popular (i.e. necessary for sinus health) accessory, a bandana.  Sometime over the weekend Austin decided to turn into the Sahara and kick up dust everywhere, but these ladies rocked their protective neck / mouth coverings.





Isn’t she like a sexy Clint Eastwood?


Oh hey there, Joy Formidable!  Love Ritzy’s poncho here.  Also love the fact that her name is Ritzy.








Some of my favorite looks came out at night:



Thanks Fun Fun fashionistas (and, fashionistos) for the style inspiration!

All photos by Tolly – check out her blog here.

Thank you so much Tolly! Looks like this fest really lived up to its name :)

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11 years ago

i want that giraffe sweater!

11 years ago

Awesome job Tolly! You got some awesome outfits! <3

11 years ago

Love the bohemian chic! Great photos from a great event!

11 years ago

what camera did this photographer use?? love the pix!

11 years ago

Hi Alexandra! I used a Canon Rebel XS, and then edited them with a custom filter on Photoshop.

11 years ago

i also love the name ritzy…and her poncho. alot.

9 years ago

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9 years ago

ok.just a little dated,but i nominate Tolly Moseley the Raquel Whelch
look alike winner,oh yea baby!

Excellent post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..