Office Style

Things felt pretty relaxed around the office today. I spotted some great patterns amongst the dressed down looks. Two ensembles roped in leather bottoms to spice up a normal sweater combo. And, as usual…we can’t stop with the shorts/tights combo – it’s just too comfortable and too good. One thing is for sure – we know how to do comfortable yet stylish, and here are my favorite looks that did just that today.

Picture 003

Check out the trims in this blouse. They remind me of friendship bracelets. What a great unexpected touch…

Picture 011b

Picture 015

Picture 013

The Shrunken Stripe Pullover is a never fail. It always looks so comfortable and cute.

Picture 016a

Get this look easily with one of our maxi sweaters and the vegan leather shorts

Picture 008

Picture 005

she made this jacket herself – diy anyone??

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9 years ago

that scarf jacket is amazing! a diy about that would be great for a sunday afternoon :)

9 years ago

Love the gal with the pink sweater and leather pants. That necklace is AWESOME.

9 years ago

I absolutely LOVE how creative and amazing everyone is that works at free people.

i would give anything to work there at the home office. i have applied like a billion times.

i adore the free thinking environment and how happy everyone always is, and how everyone is encouraged to be themselves. it would be a truly inspirational place to work!

Keep up the great work guys, you are all fantastic!!

check out my blog! :)