As FP Julia mentioned on Tuesday, Phantogram was playing here in Philadelphia last night. We headed to the show in a group lovely Free People ladies, and had an amazing time. Instead of doing the phenomenal performance injustice, I’m having Cheryl (one of the aforementioned FP ladies) fill you in on the show. She’s the amazing blogger behind the Philly music blog,, so I thought she could put it into words better than I ever would. I just stuck to snapping photos =).

At Free People, there is little we love more than confident beautiful women living out their dreams. We love when we find women like this, especially when they are in our favorite bands! Last night, we went to see the gorgeous Sarah Barthel and Joshua Carter who make up the lo-fi dream band Phantogram. They had such overwhelming stage presence and chemistry, not just with each other as a band, but more importantly, with the crowd.

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Sometimes people are too scared to dance at shows, even if they are seeing their favorite band. But looking around last night, everyone seemed to let go: everyone was dancing, smiling, and singing the lyrics from the standing room to the balcony.

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Phantogram featured a perfect mixture of songs from their first record “Eyelid Movies” and their EP “Nightlife” which just released on November 1st, 2011. Both albums feature incredible songs, including stand out tracks “Don’t Move” and “Make a Fist” (from “Nightlife”), “When I’m Small”, “Turn It Off”, and “You Are The Ocean” (from “Eyelid Movies”). After last night, Phantogram is definitely one of my favorite bands to see live! There are only a few dates left on this tour in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Vermont, so if you can make them definitely check them out. Make sure you pick up your copy of “Eyelid Movies” and “Nightlife” your ears will thank you.

Be sure to check out her blog if you get the chance!


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