Style File: Intimates Fashion Manager

Our head intimates buyer is one stylish lady who knows what she likes and sticks to it. Two of those things definitely seem to be platform shoes and oversized tops. She pulls the two together in a modern hippie sort of way. It’s chic with free spirited accents, like a vintage print or edgy hand piece, thrown in. Her hair is almost always down and perfectly tousled to top off the look.

Picture 005

Picture 006

Stars & moons on her nails!

Picture 010

Picture 011

Picture 016

The fur bomber makes the look (similar style here).

Picture 021

Picture 026

Picnik collage

Picture 034

<3 the wash on these jeans

Picture 039

Picture 038

Picture 039

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12 years ago
12 years ago

Oof! She can rock that hair so well. What a beaut!

12 years ago

she’s cool. the last answer she wrote was the best

She is rad – I love her boots and nails! Love that she is also obsessed with dream-catchers…adorable. What a fun job!

12 years ago

I lovelovelove this lady, please post more of her!! Her outfits are perfection & her style is so inspiring.

12 years ago

excuse my lack of couth, but that is one very hot woman – wow!

12 years ago

who makes the black booties?

12 years ago

Love love that silver bracelet! So dainty and edgy.

12 years ago

Love the bracelet as well! I make the same one on etsy! I also do custom (for a daintier chain for the same price) Just a thought!

12 years ago

I LOVE her style! I would love to raid her closet.

12 years ago

what black dress is she wearing? is it from FP?

12 years ago

charming and lovely <3