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LOVE it! so funny. “you sneaky mom!”


Oh my gosh this is too funny! “daddy you’re ugly!”
I’m pretty sure this is how some adults act when the stocks crash ;) my oh my!

That last kid I think was the best! I’m going to go with, funny.


haha! That’s pretty funny…I think kids are eating too much sugar today!…but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have reacted the same way…especially about the Reeses peanut butter cups…sneaky mom…


horribly funny


it was really mean… which made it really funny!


really mean. builds distrust. course, the entire holiday of Halloween is just ridiculous. for a holiday that began as a way to remember those that pass before us, only America could turn that into a way to market costumes, sell candy and promote mayhem. i like what my husband did with his kids…trick or treat all you want…but whatever isn’t eaten in 24 hours is thrown away. they learn real quick how bad candy is for you.


so cute!!! the last two boys were sooo funny!! 2+2=5!!! you sneeeaky mom!!


I have a friend, well more than one, but one in particular worth mentioning. She and her family are gluten, soy, dairy, and nut intolerant. Therefore, she purchased the ‘crap’ candy from her cutie pie SUN and replaced it with ALL natural, delicious vegan delights! He made like 25 bucks and won’t get that blasted belly ache! Love it!


Hahahahaha this is awesome and hilarious. Kids are so addicted to candy its awful anyway. I’m wishing when I have kids that t+t, I’m going to have them give their candy to kids at shelters or something after they pick out their 10 faves.