Crispy Sage-Sprinkled Latkes

Every year I look forward to latkes for Chanukah. In my family, we always ate them for the holiday. I remember one year when my mother was working at a local newspaper and she made an entire array using all types of potatoes for a review. It’s a fond memory of mine, and now that I’ve moved out of my parents’ house I still need them so much that I’ve taken on the task myself.  This is my fourth year making them, and instead of just doing your regular latke, I wanted to add on something special. I looked around for inspiration and came up with the addition of crispy sage. I don’t think I can express enough how much I loved it. The sage leaves are slowly sautéed in butter until they reach just the right crispy point, kind of like a chip, and tasting like heaven. I want to make a bunch and fill up a mason jar to sprinkle them on everything! I then paired the latkes with my homemade applesauce which I’ll definitely have to share with you all at some point. This year it took on a new ingredient, and I think I’ve found the perfect recipe. But for now, crispy sage-sprinkled latkes…

Ingredients (serves 4-5 people):

6 Idaho Potatoes

2 Medium Sweet Onions

1 Cup Matzo Meal

1 Cup Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs

2 Eggs

1 Tsp Salt

Olive Oil for frying

25 Sage Leaves

2 Tbsp Butter

Picture 010

Picture 014


Peel potatoes, and then, using a grater, shred them into a bowl. Once you’ve done so, fill the bowl with water so that all of the potatoes are submersed.

Picture 021

Picture 024

While the potatoes are soaking, melt your butter in a frying pan, and then sprinkle in the sage. Stir them around a bit so that each leaf gets well coated. As soon as they begin to get crispy, pull them out and place into a bowl and set aside.

You’ll then want to pour your potato mixture out into a strainer and let it sit for a bit – pushing down to squeeze out excess water.

While they are draining, dry out the bowl, and shred your onion in the same manner that you did the potato.

Squeezing out your potatoes well, add them into the onion, and mix with matzo meal, bread crumbs, salt, and egg. I like to use my hands to do this part.

Picture 029

Preheat the oven to 300F. Pour oil into a frying pan and let it heat up. I then like to use a ¼ cup measuring cup along with a fork to spoon out the right amount of mixture and place it into the frying pan. Using the back of my fork, I then flatten out each pancake.

Picture 030

After a few minutes, they should be sufficiently browned on one side. Using a spatula, flip the latkes over and cook the other side until golden brown.

Picture 033

After each batch, I like to place the latkes in the oven to keep them warm while I continue making the rest. As you build up layers, sprinkle with sage so that it is well dispersed throughout, and not just on the top layer of your serving dish.

Picture 034

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12 years ago

Thank you so much for including a blog on Chanukah =) I have had about a dozen latkes in the past 3 days but the addition of sage may be too good to pass up! =)

12 years ago

This looks so tasty. And I love that you made them extra crispy! Check out my eggplant parm I made for the holiday weekend!

Dorothy Blevens
12 years ago

These look sooo good. I have been on a diet and couldn’t have any this Chanukah. Alright, I did have one, but I wanted a whole lot more! Four more weeks; can’t wait to try these!