Office Style: Bottoming Out

Has anyone noticed the change in pants fashion over the last couple of years? Before, you bought a couple pairs of pants that were simple and easy to pair with the broad assortment of tops you had in your closet. Now, it’s all about pairing novelty bottoms with something fun or basic on top. Colors, embellishment, textures, patterns, shapes – ever since the rise of the harem pant our frame of mind has shifted focus. At Free People there’s no exception. We’re loving the fresh new take just as much as the rest of the fashion world.


We love the richness of the velvet bottoms so much! Have you seen our new bell bottoms style here?

Picture 014

Picture 015

Rich colored bottoms look great paired with statement sweaters.

Picture 019

Picture 020

Picture 023

And lastly, those ruffled leggings never get old.

Picture 023a

The newest addition to the Free People team, Mollie. <3

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what kind of dog is Mollie? i still don’t know breeds,,,she’s a cutie patootie


I’m wearing my FP Floral Fields Widelegs today! I love them so much and I get comments everytime I wear them!
Julia~ You’re adorable! Great outfit!


love the ruffled leggings <3

Check out this new scarf hat. It’s so adorable and fashion-forward.

Go to to see this amazing new scarf hat! You’ll all fall in love.


I have a puggle (pug-beagle mix) whom i love to death!!!! i feel so bad because when me and my boyfriend go to work is all alone!!! This little pup is awfully cut!!!! Love her, and those pug mixes!!! does she have the curly tail? My boy does!!!! his name is Sol….