Be a part of our new stores!

Wanna join our team?

We’re hiring for the following new store locations, opening in 2012!!!

Click on the desired location for more info and to apply.

Birmingham, AL – opening 2/10

Victor, NY – opening 2/23

Kansas City, MO – opening 3/30

New Orleans, LA – opening 3/30

Rockefeller Center, NYC – opening 3/30

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11 years ago

I would love to if you had a Spokane, Washington location!

11 years ago

put one in sacramento!! please please please!

11 years ago

When are you guys coming to the UK?! x

11 years ago

Can’t wait for you guys to come to NOLA!! Already applied.

11 years ago

ya’ll should open in tulsa, oklahoma!!!

11 years ago

Or.. OKC, Oklahoma <3 ~~*~~ <3

11 years ago

FINALLY a store in MO! :D Even though its three hours away, if it wasn’t I would totally apply for a job there, but I know I am going to make lots of shopping trips up there starting march 30th. ;)

11 years ago

I agree okc!!!

11 years ago

I’d say you should open one in Indianapolis, but then I would never have any money ever again…

11 years ago

Have you ever thought about Japan? Please come here. I bet Japan is a big market and it’s deserved to have a FP store ^^

11 years ago

St. Louis please!

11 years ago

I would kill to join the design team… maybe not kill, but I would do just about anything!

11 years ago

You should think about opening one in Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Millions of people from all over visit that mall every year!

Renee Wadsworth
11 years ago

Is there a number to contact if we have applied for one of these jobs recently and have not heard anything back yet? I figured it was maybe due to the busy holidays, but I would really like to follow up.

Thanks, Renee

11 years ago

Burlington, Vermont + Free People store=my dream come true!

Ali Rose
11 years ago

Please please come to Spokane, WA! I would happily work there :)

11 years ago

I have been waiting years for a store to come to Birmingham. Thank you! Cannot wait for February! :)

Jacqueline M Sell
11 years ago

I am happy finally one in Mo… However I am in the StL…. Not Kansas City :( come on FreePeople Saint Louis needs some love too ha. ;)

11 years ago

kassandra is the best, so sweet! happy to see my fave manager on the FP blog!


Anna Mae
11 years ago

I agree with the commenter above – a Burlington, VT store would be amazing!

11 years ago

A store in Albany, NY would be amazing!!!

11 years ago

So excited for the Kansas City location, but you need to come a little further south to AR!!!

Alison Allsopp
11 years ago

where is the Birmingham store going to be located?!?!

11 years ago

What about the one in Philadelphia on Walnut street?

11 years ago

The store in Birmingham, AL will be at the Summit. I can’t wait till the store opens.