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The past few days I found myself in a bit of a funk. I felt out of it and I was getting down on myself for feeling out of it. I’m typically a pretty upbeat happy person, so when I get like this, it’s really unsettling. My mind quickly shoots to, how am I going to make this better? I find myself acknowledging what is wrong – what it is that I don’t like about myself, and how I’m going to work to fix it. I come up with plans in my head: certain practices or consistent efforts that I think will combat my troubling flaws.

In retrospect, I realized how important it is to make note at times like this. We all have faults, and sometimes it’s good to mindfully recognize what they are. You can assess how you feel about them – if they’re something that really bothers you and something that you want to change. It’s about acknowledgement. Actively acknowledging how you feel and what’s making you upset. Without it, you can’t change.

On the flip side – it’s also important to acknowledge the things that make you happy. Take note of what those things are, and work to incorporate them into your life as much as possible. It sounds easy – but sometimes it’s really hard to know what you want and what you don’t.

Either way, happy or sad, it’s productive to acknowledge how you’re feeling and why.

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12 years ago

Acknowledgement. How little I put this word into action when I am feeling up or down. And how imperative acknowledgment is to our overall well-being. Instead of analyzing why and accepting that I am feeling down, I seek out a quick answer to sooth my mind and stuff the issue way down deep. Thank you for such a lovely post. It has certainly inspired me to take a step back, acknowledge the sadness and move forward.

12 years ago

acknowledgment. Without it, you can not change.

take these words to me as a gift …. appeared at the right time. thanks

12 years ago

This is beautiful Naomi!!

12 years ago

it’s really really funny you should post this now, because I’ve been feeling the exact same way recently, and I think the thing about the funk that’s been bothering me the most is that I continue to stress out wondering how to make everything better. I’m with you, it’s important to acknowledge why you might be feeling the way you do, but you cant get overly caught up in trying to make everything perfect since some things will always be out of your control. I’m really glad to know somebody else is feeling the same way at the same time <3

12 years ago

i really like this post because for the past few weeks i’ve been feeling this same way. One thing i’ve done so far is i’ve left my town for a week just to get away from this chaotic city life. It’s definitely helped and after reading this it’s given me the idea to gather all of the positive things in my life and embrace themwhen i return home, instead of being down during these gloomy winter days. So yeah, thanks FP GOOD POST:)

12 years ago

Funny, I was also feeling like this last week, and on Sunday. I decided I needed to quit my bad habit, that was bothering me and felt like a real burden all the time. Today is Day 1 of Not Smoking :-)

12 years ago

I agree with your words and the rest of the commenters. I’ve been feeling the same way, it makes it hard not to believe in “seasonal depression.”