Cool Job Alert!

These could be your feet!

We have a bunch of job openings in our stores – click on the links below for more info and to apply!

Assistant Store Manager – Las Vegas

Store Manager- Kansas City (opening March 2012)

Store Manager- Denver, CO

Store Manager, Towson, MD

Store Manager, Rockefeller Center (Opening March 2012)

All positions- Toronto, ON Canada (Opening Summer 2012)

Yes, that’s right, we’re comin’ to Canada!!

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pretty ridiculously excited you’re coming to toronto!!


couldn’t be more excited about you guys coming to canada, and in toronto at that!


So if there’s a store opening in Rockefeller Center, can I ask for a transfer from Urban Outfitters?! Reply pleaaase.


come to sacramento, california pretty please :)

expectacular esta linea en sus diseños seria todo un sueño en españa


pretty please come to England!!!

come to blacksburg, va! and then you can hire me to take pictures for your blog at that store :)


Come to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fillmore is calling your name!!!


come to maine!!

Sherry Dubeau

…I don’t think anyone understands how badly I’ve wanted a Free People store here in T.O. AT LAST!


Wish you would come to Salt lake City. :, (


I hope other Canadian locations are in Free People’s future! I’m thinking Vancouver. Pretty please.

Jennie Juniper

In Toronto?? Really?? REALLY???? YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VANCOUVER, BC needs FREE PEOPLE reaaaaaaal bad. Closest store to me is downtown Seattle.. :( Breaks my heart.


Out of all the places in the world, San Francisco needs a FP! I work at the Anthro there and there’s an Urban right down the street… we need the third leg of this holy trinity! Rent is high, sure.. but SF girls are the perfect breed to insure that it would be one of the most successful stores in the company!!!


Still waiting for you in France… WHEN?!!!

I already have a job at a small local business. If it wasnt like a family to me I would totally apply for the KC job….but I’m actually commenting because to have a Free People store in my city makes me giggle with joy like a school girl! I even made my status about the opening! If I could marry a store I would totally make you mine ;)


I completely agree w anon & fpjulia – how is there NO free people in san fran?!!


Free People + New York (Rockefeller) = My Dream! Applying in progress since I work at Free People in Hollywood, I am suppose to go through my store. :) The best company in the entire world.

THIS HAS LITERALLY MADE MY DAY :D (the news about you guys opening a store in Toronto) Finaly!!!!


Kansas City before Minneapolis? Come on!


Come to Milwaukee!!


Vancouver, Canada! I work at Anthropologie, and would love to see Free People here.