DIY Denim Phone Case

I don’t know about you guys but I beat my poor phone up – it spends most of its time in my somewhat large bag, along with many other things that knock around with it, and I’ve seen enough cracked phone screens to know that I need a more protective case for it. I have a bag of scrap fabrics that are left over from past projects and old clothing, and from it I chose some pieces of denim to make a little case for my phone. It was so easy, I ended up making two! Next up, iPad!

What you need: a piece of fabric large enough to fold over your phone with room to spare, needle and thread, and any other embellishments you feel like using.

I folded the denim over my phone, with the reverse side facing outwards, and left about an inch of room on each side.


I left the phone where it was, and used that as my guide to sew around the phone on three sides, leaving the top edge open.


Once you’re finished sewing, turn the phone inside out! I trimmed some extra fabric off the top and then decided to add some pretty trim.



These little feathers were the finishing touch!


For the second one I used some pockets that I had cut off an old pair of jeans. All I did was sew them together, and it works perfectly!




So easy, and my phone is much more comfortable now :) I love the idea of making a patchwork one… maybe that’ll be next!

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12 years ago

yay another diy!!! i love the handmades you guys show on here, so very cool..i made a phone holder for my phone the other day,but i crocheted it…still, this is an awesome idea…i also wondered if you could show us how you made that feather charm :) thank you for all the awesomeness!!!

12 years ago

I really like the second one a lot! I would be the one to dye the pockets with an ombre effect! cool idea!

12 years ago

Yeah please show how u made the feather charm!!!!

12 years ago

I love this idea!

12 years ago

I made the cutest one yesterday with a scrap of appliqué from an old apron. Thanks for the idea, I love it!

12 years ago

ha. those are abercrombie & fitch jeans, the lighter wash.

12 years ago

So cute. Instead of doing just a cover im gonna cute out the front so i can call, text, etc while the denim is on. thx for the idea!! xD

12 years ago

Nice article, very creative!

7 years ago


7 years ago

It is a perfect and brilliant idea to make my phone case and it looks impressive.

5 years ago

Lovely repurpose denim phone case, great job.