January Catalog Sneak Peek: NY vs. LA

We love LA… beaches, surfing, sunshine, rollerskating, tacos, convertibles, palm trees, Mel’s diner, the LACMA, Hollywood and more. We love NYC… cab rides, late nights, hot dogs, the subway, the MET, Times Square, the list goes on.  Two iconic cities on opposite coasts that couldn’t be more different, but we love them just the same. Our January catalog is an homage to these two great cities and their individual style, featuring Jessica Hart shot by Chrissy Piper in Los Angeles and Karlie Kloss shot by Guy Aroch in New York City.





So, of course, we have to ask…

Are you a New York City girl or an L.A. woman?


  1. I sure hope this catalogue wasn’t shot recently! The poor NYC girl must have been freezing, don’t you know it’s winter? Put her in some long warm pants and at least a jacket! Shorts and dresses without anything else is too cold for January.

  2. LOVE IT! Beautiful photographs. You guys never cease to amaze me. can’t wait to see what’s in store !

  3. Long legs central! lovely ladies and looovely clothes. Jeans on bottom right are superb. And lately, in AL, I have been wearing short sleeves/shorts! Not too cold down here (thankfully). Bring on the catalog!

  4. I agree on the weather comment. It’s 80 degrees here in LA today.
    Love the photos. I’m so excited for this catalog!!

  5. I think I’m definitely more of an LA girl, but the NY shoot is styled so beautifully and you can’t beat Guy Aroch, it would have been interesting to see how he would shoot LA

  6. As a city girl (London, UK) I’m gonna say NYC but LA/beach girl is saved for those SPECIAL days away from the city.
    Love both sides though! Can’t wait to see the catalog!

  7. That’s my chihuahua Ignacio on the left in Griffith Park with Jessica. I’m very proud of him. He was previously in Kern County death row, was saved by Strangest Angels Rescue who let us adopt him, and is now a Free People star! Thanks FP, I can’t wait to see the catalog.

  8. I really love both styles… I am going to start to dress my self like these styles very fashionable <3

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