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That’s what’s so great about living in California. We have every habitat! Beach, Mountains, Dessert, Lakes…



I am also packed and ready to move..let me know when! ;)
Seriously though, beautiful homes! Only in California… :/



love the Doors reference:)

california really seams to have it all – can’t wait to go there. the venice home is just perfection.

so stunning! i’m living on the wrong coast obviously. and that panda painting is so adorable.

oh my goodness that venice beach home is so magical. everything about it shines. :)
peace & love

Where U live is cool. I’ve lived in L.A,San Jose,Frisco,Heyward and Oakland.Oh yea Merced. I was stationed there in the Air Force back in 72/73.The outside of your place seems to mactch the inside, that is free of conformity just comfortable. At the present my page is Dark, it’s a bit sad, but am praying I’ll and it will get better,lighthearted and such.Well that’s all for now.Hope to write to you soon.

This title… I just start singin it.
This pictures… oh, my life will never be the same :C