Living in the City


Bill Gentle and Fanny Bostrom, Brooklyn




Lyndsay Caleo & Fitzhugh Karol, Brooklyn



Julia Roitfeld, Manhattan




Kate Young and Keith Abrahamsson, Manhattan



Cindy Greene, Manhattan



Ingrid Schram, Manhattan




Erin Wasson, Manhattan



Pamela Love and Jordan Sullivan, Brooklyn

Amazing New York City decor inspiration, via The Selby, of course.

There is no question that I am more of a California girl, but I grew up in a townhouse in Philly and there is something so beautiful about the brownstones in Brooklyn. That would definitely be where I’d want to live in NYC… what about you?


  1. grew up in boston, lived a brownstone as a small child. i currently live in a brownstone in manhattan but brooklyn has my heart! it’s just much easier (for me) to live in manhattan for work purposes.

  2. I live in a dorm room but in the lower east side. LOVE these photos, and love the East Village! You have all just inspired me on how to decorate my apartment this summer!

  3. This is soo amazing and so inspiration! I plan on moving to Portland which isn’t close to NYC but a bigger city than what I’m used to. These photos are great and are definitely useful to me.
    I also will be applying to the Free People store in Portland as well…hopefully I’ll be another new member to the FP family! :)

  4. A brownstone in NYC (Brooklyn) may likely cost you a cool million or more, just so you know. If it’s in one of the ‘better’ areas of Brooklyn, particularly places like Park Slope, you can add another 50% on to the asking price. We just bought a new apartment in Midwood – nothing flashy, only 1050 sqr ft in a new building, but that was near $500k (it’s a condo, not a co-op). The same money could buy a near mansion of 3 times the sqr footage in most other states… My point is, if you’re thinking of moving to NYC and picture yourself living in a old brownstone or anything even remotely nice, you batter bring a very big bag of cash with you. NYC is one expensive city to live in. And if you’re thinking Manhattan, you can add another zero onto the price tag. I kid you not.

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