It’s all loafers!

Loafers seem to be where it’s at right now and a great transition shoe to take you into spring! Striking the perfect balance between cool and practical, they seem to be the all round shoe that’s trending. Wear as a preppy look with skinny pants and shirts or just have pure fun with them; the addition of glitter and leopard Will give these shoes a light to shine in the evening too!

Are loafers for you? And if so how would you wear them?


Standing on Stardust loafer Hardware loafer Metal Shimmer loafer Essie Loafer

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10 years ago

I, for one, have always despised loafers as to “old” for me. I am willing to give them a try now that I see some great new styles out there!
I am also new to this blog….it is beautiful! I really love your photography especially. And the fact you are in Philly, while I am only a few hours away in Pitt. Great to be in the same neighborhood as you! :)

Melanie Katherine
10 years ago

these are cute! would love to see similar designs on an Oxford.

10 years ago

Although loafers make me look even shorter than I already am, I think I am going to try loafers out this Spring. Great inspirational post.

10 years ago

Gotta get a good pair

10 years ago

you forgot the “Carillo lOAFER” its the BEST FP purchase!

10 years ago

i love the idea of loafers, i just wish i liked them on me more.