Office Style: Shorts vs. Dresses

We’re getting sick of pants. All winter long its pants, pants, pants. Now, in the name of fashion, we’re rebelling. We’re pulling on tights for an extra layer, and getting out stowed away women’s shorts, skirts and dresses. For the last week in January “vs.” office style, I want to know – which winter rebellion look do you like best? It’s the shorts vs. the dresses….


The Lou Ankle Boots!

Picture 041

You can never go wrong with a good thermal.


Picture 046

Picture 047

Get the look with our Tiza Floral Tights and the Worn in Original Docs.

Picture 052

The Cropped Stripes Pullover looks great with this sparkly maxi skirt!

Picture 003

So in love with the Costas Striped Maxi Dress Look!

Picture 028

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8 years ago

shorts shorts shorts

8 years ago


8 years ago

The dresses look best. I think if you are gonna wear shorts in the winter you should go for a pair with a scalloped hem or in a heavier weight like wool, not jean shorts.

8 years ago

SHORTS! love the second look with that baby doll top! so cute

8 years ago

shorts, but i do like the first dress look, it is so adorable.

8 years ago

where do you get your fabric for the storage box wall? or point me in a direction i could look… i am so in LOVE with it.
.. oh. and i like the shorts the best :)

8 years ago

LOve the dresses”

8 years ago

oh she cut the feet off of the tights, good call.

8 years ago

all of outfits look outstanding! I love it. I am tired of wearing long sleeves too. I cant wait to wear shorts/ tshirts and summer dresses.

8 years ago

I love your pictures,Excellent post, good information!